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Oct 18, 2008

Fresh Seafood in Kep: how much longer?

One of the things not to miss in Cambodia is eating fresh fruits of the sea along the beach in Kep.The beach itself is nothing special (but taking a boat out to Rabbit Island is!), but wait till you have tasted what's on offer at the many food stalls! The ladies here do a terrific job in serving tasty seafood, especially when they also use the locally grown Kampot Pepper.

But is this wonderful tradition to go? According to the Phnom Post, it might be: "The Kep Municipality has put up a sign indicating that the stretch of land will be developed into a public garden. But vendors allege the land has been sold to an unidentified company that they say is planning to build a hotel on the land."

Sigh, same old story over and over again in Cambodia. Anyway, there is some hope you can still enjoy seafood in Kep. The governor says: "We will find a solution for the vendors."

Although, you should not always believe the authorities here...



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