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Nov 18, 2008

Could Joran van der Sloot be in Cambodia?

Do you remember Joran van der Sloot? The man who — in all likelihood — killed Natalee Holloway? His father was a big shot on the islands, and arranged matters. Joran appeared to get away scot-free. Not quite, though. Investigative reporter Peter R. de Vries was able to get a full confession out of Joran. This was major news in both the Netherlands and America. Peter de Vries got an Emmy award out of it.

Sadly enough, Joran disappeared and escaped Dutch justice. Having a daddy who was going to be a judge and knows the ins and outs of the legal system does help. Joran fled to Thailand. Where he is right now. One might think Joran at least learned to keep a low profile until the whole affair quietly went away. Not at all. Joran found a new hobby: he is in business now. Smuggling women for prostitution, that is. Once again Peter de Vries was the man who uncovered his new activities.

Normally the Thai authorities take a very dim view of foreigners who blacken the name of the country, and most certainly when these people are into trafficking women. Daddy can pull some strings in the Netherlands, but I very much doubt if Daddy can save his darling son this time. At best and for a gigantic bribe, he might be able to enable his lovable son to flee to another country.

Only where can he hide now? Cambodia?


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