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Nov 1, 2008

Women wearing pyjama's

When travelling in Cambodia, you will come across many things new to you, or strange, or bewildering, or shocking.

Guests at my restaurant regularly ask me about one of the strange things they see all over Cambodia: women wearing pyjama's outdoors in broad daylight.

Yes, that's a normal thing in this country. Back in your home country probably police would stop you and ask whether you have accidentally forgotten to put on your 'normal' clothes.

Not so here. It's perfectly acceptable to wear your pyjama's when walking down the street, do some shopping or just wandering along Phnom Penh's river front.

So, why are Cambodian women wearing pyjama's out on the street? Well, first of all it's airy in this tropical climate. And then I suppose the women like the prints on their pyjama's.

But... you also have airy gowns with a nice print, so why are they not wearing those? Well, I really don't know, it's one of the mysteries in this Kingdom of Wonder!



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