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Nov 18, 2008

Storm in a tea-cup

Well, this really was a storm in a tea-cup: as soon as tropical storm Noul made landfall in Vietnam it lost strength. Also, Noul is following a more northern direction than predicted. So, here in Cambodia we only see some light rain today. Well, in Phnom Penh at least, maybe it's a bit different more to the north.

In other news: tourist arrivals in Thailand are plummeting. 33 percent down in August, 21 percent down in September, compared to the same months last year. Officials blame the credit crisis, high fuel costs (back then at least), bloody anti-government street protests in Bangkok, and the dispute with Cambodia over a border temple. Less tourists in Thailand will also have affect Cambodia, as many people first travel through Thailand before arriving in this country. The tourism industry in Thailand is expecting a bad 'high season'. So far, I don't see tourism numbers in Phnom Penh considerably lower than last year. But of course I'm only judging by the number of people walking along the riverside, the number of patrons in my restaurant and tourists taking a course at the Cambodia Cooking Class. Maybe official figures will show a drop in arrivals.

Or, will this also be a 'storm in a tea-cup'?
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