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Nov 27, 2008

When Bangkok is having a cold,
Phnom Penh sneezes

So these PAD protesters in Thailand refuse to leave the airports of Bangkok. Well done, guys, bring your country to its knees, hurt people (tourists) who have nothing to do with whatever political motives are behind your actions, and also hurt the tourism industry of a neighbouring country just getting back on its feet...

Wait a minute..., could there be some remote link?

Read what a Bangkok resident has to say about that (remember these protests are against the current government which the protesters claim are only puppets of ousted Thai premier Thaksin):

"Thaksin's Govt gave hope to the poor that they could get their way out of this without the oldest daughter becoming a prostitute and paying for her family to have a life above a bamboo hut.
Bangkok Thais don't like this, just watch Thai TV, the short darkie is always a cleaner or driver with no lines, the tall light skinned Chinese Thai are all the stars - can't let the darkie's get out of their places now can we...
The dark skinned population have a large % that speak Khmer too, some as their main language within the village - so that helps explain another reason."

Anyway, just go on PAD, clever tourists will avoid your screwed up country and choose other destinations in South East Asia. Soon, Suvarnabhumi Airport will be way too big for the few passengers still travelling to/from/through Bangkok.

I repeat the advice given yesterday: fly to South East Asia via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipeh, Hongkong, or even Saigon (direct link to Paris), but AVOID BANGKOK!



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