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Jan 16, 2009

Cooking Class on China Television

Right, a little bit of self promotion here. Some time ago the Cambodia Cooking Class was filmed for a short feature available through Associated Press Video. I have long been searching for this video and finally found it.
The feature was broadcast by the international (English language) channel of CCTV (China Television) on January 7th. Unfortunately I was not aware of that, so I missed the live broadcast (yes we have the channel here on cable tv in Phnom Penh).
Fortunately, it is available at the website of CCTV9. Not sure how long it'll be online, suppose it won't be there forever, so hurry to have a look!
As an appetizer (or the opposite) a screenshot of myself:

Oh, by the way, soon we will be featured on Taiwan's SET television as well, they were filming at the cooking class last week. And still in the pipeline: Rick Stein's South Eastern Odyssey on BBC2, due in August or September.


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