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Feb 21, 2009


Our manager Kear and his wife are fresh parents of a wonderful girl, named Socheata. She was born last Sunday around 1pm. The deliverance was a really quick one. Kear told me he didn't even witness the event himself as he was out of the clinic for some 5 minutes to get some stuff and when he returned his daughter had already arrived.
I think Socheata is a really cute baby:

Today mother and child have gone to their 'home village' on an island in the Tonle Bassac, some 15 kilometers south of Phnom Penh. There they will stay for one or two months, and the whole family will take care of the baby. I suspect I will miss my manager quite a few times in the next months when he is going to see his daughter. Well, as a proud young father he is allowed:

I'm already bombarded 'Taa', which means 'Grandpa' in Khmer. Well, I might be a bit young to become Grandpa but I'm quite happy with this little wonder:

Can't wait to see Socheata take her first steps... ;)


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